How Many Leaves Does a Cannabis Plant Have?

A complete guide to how many leaves cannabis plants have.

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The Different Types of Cannabis Plants

There are three main types of cannabis plants: indica, sativa, and hybrid. Indica plants are short and bushy, while sativa plants are tall and thin. Hybrid plants are a mix of both indica and sativa.


Indica plants are shorter and denser than their sativa cousins. They have wider leaves, and the plant itself grows in a bushy shape. Indica strains are often associated with a “body high” that relaxes muscles and can be helpful in treating anxiety and insomnia. These strains are also popular for pain relief.


There are two main types of cannabis plants – sativa and indica – and each one has its own unique set of characteristics. Sativa plants are typically taller and thinner than indica plants, and they have narrower leaves. The buds of sativa plants are also typically less dense than those of indica plants. Sativa plants typically take longer to mature than indica plants, and they also tend to have a higher THC content.


Cannabis Ruderalis is a lesser-known subspecies of the cannabis plant. It’s native to Russia and was discovered in the wild in the 1940s. Unlike other types of cannabis, Ruderalis plants flower based on their age, not their exposure to light. Ruderalis plants are also shorter and have fewer leaves than other types of cannabis.

The Life Cycle of a Cannabis Plant

A cannabis plant typically has between 7 and 9 leaves when it germinates from a seed. The plant will then go through a vegetative stage where it will grow more leaves and roots. Once the plant has reached a certain size, it will begin to flower and produce buds.


The cannabis plant life cycle starts with a process called germination. This is when the seed cracks open and a small white root begins to grow. The seed will also sprout two small leaves called cotyledons. Cannabis seeds can be germinated in many different ways, but the most common method is to soak them in water for 24-48 hours.


The vegetative stage of a cannabis plant’s life cycle is when it is growing and storing energy in its leaves. The length of the vegetative stage depends on the variety of cannabis, the amount of light it’s receiving, and the amount of food and water it’s getting. Most cannabis plants need about six to eight weeks in the vegetative stage before they are ready to flower.

During the vegetative stage, you will see your cannabis plant growing taller and putting out new leaves. The number of leaves a cannabis plant has depends on the variety and the growing conditions, but most plants have between seven and thirteen leaves.


Most people recognize the flowering stage of a cannabis plant by its familiar cluster of white pistils that emerge from among the leaves. In reality, what we see as the “flower” is actually a mass of tiny flowers, or florets, that grow together to form the structure that will ultimately become the seed-bearing fruit.

During flowering, the plants produce more flowers (or buds) and continue to stretch and grow taller. To support all of this new growth, cannabis plants need more light and nutrients than they did during vegetative growth. At this point, you will need to increase your lighting time to 12 hours per day and give your plants a nutrient “boost” by switching to a flowering fertilizer formula.

As cannabis plants flower, they go through two main stages of development: pre-flowering and actual flowering. The pre-flowering stage can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks and is when the plant produces its male or female flowers. Once pre-flowering is complete, the plant will enter the flowering stage, which usually lasts 6-8 weeks for most strains.

You will know that your plants have entered the flowering stage when you see pistils beginning to form on the tips of the leaves. These pistils are actually tiny hairs that will eventually become larger and thicker as they mature. As the pistils mature, they will change color from white to orange or red, depending on the strain.

How Many Leaves Does a Cannabis Plant Have?

The number of leaves on a cannabis plant is determined by the strain of the plant. Some strains will have more leaves than others. The average cannabis plant has between 3 and 9 leaves.


Cannabis Indica leaves are wider and shorter than those of the Cannabis Sativa plant. They are also a darker green, with some leaves almost appearing blue. The Indica plant produces more flowers than the Sativa plant. The have a mottled brown and yellow color when they are ready to harvest.


Sativa plants tend to have more leaves than indica plants. They also tend to be taller and thinner, with long, thin leaves. The leaves of a sativa plant are typically a lighter green than those of an indica plant.


Ruderalis plants have the fewest leaves of all the types of cannabis. They typically have between two and five blades, although some ruderalis plants can have up to seven leaves. These plants are native to Russia and Central Asia, and they were originally interbred with other cannabis strains to create autoflowering plants. Ruderalis plants are shorter and thinner than indica and sativa plants, and they don’t produce as much THC.

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