How Much to Tip for Cannabis Delivery

Wondering how much to tip for your cannabis delivery? We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide on the standard industry tips.

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In general, it is considered good etiquette to tip your cannabis delivery person. Just like any other service industry, these workers rely on tips to make a living. That being said, there is no standard amount that you are required to tip. The amount you tip should be based on the level of service you received. If you had a great experience and the delivery person went above and beyond, then you may want to consider giving a larger tip. On the other hand, if you felt that the service was lacking in some way, then a smaller tip may be appropriate.

Some factors to consider when deciding how much to tip include:
-The quality of the product
-The speed of delivery
-The friendliness of the delivery person
-How well they followed directions

In general, it is a good idea to have cash on hand to tip your delivery person. Many delivery services do not accept credit cards, so cash is always the best way to ensure that your driver gets paid.

Tipping for Good Service

In general, it is good etiquette to tip your delivery person for good service. If they went above and beyond to get your cannabis to you quickly and safely, a 10-15% tip is appropriate. You can also consider giving a larger tip if the delivery person had to go out of their way or do something special for you.

Tipping for Bad Service

If you receive bad service, it is still proper to tip the delivery person. However, you can tip less than the standard 15% to 20%. A 10% tip for bad service is still proper.

No Tipping Allowed

Although many people in the cannabis industry are still working hard to gain mainstream acceptance, there are some businesses that have already entered the mainstream. One of these businesses is cannabis delivery, which has become increasingly popular in recent years.

While most people tip their delivery driver for good service, you may not be aware that some companies do not allow their drivers to accept tips. This policy is in place for two main reasons. First, since cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, most companies do not want to risk their drivers being accused of accepting bribes. Second, many companies believe that their drivers should be paid a fair wage without having to rely on tips.

If you are unsure whether or not your delivery company allows tipping, it is best to ask before your order is placed. This way, you can avoid any awkwardness or tension when the driver arrives.

How Much to Tip

It’s always a good idea to tip your delivery person, especially if they’ve gone above and beyond to get your order to you. But how much should you tip for cannabis delivery?

While there’s no official rule, 20% is a good starting point. You can also base your tip on the quality of the service you received. For instance, if your delivery person went out of their way to make sure you got your order on time or helped you with an issue, you may want to give them a little extra.

As with anything else, it’s ultimately up to you how much you want to tip. Just remember that these hardworking people are doing their best to ensure that you have a great experience, so a little extra appreciation goes a long way!


In conclusion, there is no standard answer for how much to tip your cannabis delivery person. A good rule of thumb is to tip them 10-15% of the total bill, or $5-$10 per delivery, whichever is more. This will ensure that they are getting a decent wage for their efforts and that you are able to continue receiving quality service.

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