How to Keep Your Cannabis Plants Short

Are you wondering how to keep your cannabis plants short? Check out this blog post to learn the best techniques for keeping your plants under control.

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Pruning is the process of trimming away dead or dying leaves and branches from a plant. It is a good idea to prune your cannabis plants every few weeks to improve their growth and yield. Pruning also helps to prevent the spread of diseases and pests.

LST (Low Stress Training)

LST is a type of pruning that involves bending and tying down the tallest parts of the plant to make the canopy more even. This technique can be used on both indoor and outdoor plants, and it’s a great way to control the height of your plants without having to do any actual trimming.

To do LST, you’ll need to tie down the main stems of your plant with something soft like string or twine. Be careful not to tie them too tight – you don’t want to cut off the circulation to the leaves. Once you’ve tied down the tallest parts of the plant, bend them over so that they’re lying flat against the ground or pot. The goal is to create a more even canopy so that all parts of the plant are getting an equal amount of light.

You can do LST at any time during the grow cycle, but it’s best to start when the plant is young and still relatively small. This will make it easier to bend and tie down the stems without damaging them. You can continue to do LST throughout the grow cycle as needed, but be careful not to stress out your plants too much – they should still be able to get enough light and air circulation even when bent over.

If done correctly, LST can help your plants grow shorter and bushier without sacrificing yield. It’s a great way to control the height of your plants, especially if you’re growing in a small space or don’t want them to get too tall. Give it a try on your next grow and see how it works for you!

HST (High Stress Training)

HST, or high stress training, is a type of pruning that involves stressing the plant in order to force it to grow in a certain way. This can be done by bending the stem, topping the plant, or removing leaves. HST is typically used to control the height of the plant, as well as to promote more even growth.


One way to keep your cannabis plants short is by defoliating them. This involves removing the leaves from the plant, which can be done by hand or with special tools. This will cause the plant to put all its energy into growing new leaves, which will make it shorter and bushier. Defoliation can be done a few times during the growing season, and it’s especially effective when done in the early stages of growth.


If you want to keep your cannabis plants short, one of the best ways to do so is by topping them. Topping is a process of trimming the main stalk of the plant in order to encourage it to grow sideways. This will result in a wider, shorter plant that is ideal for growing in small spaces.

Here are some tips for topping your cannabis plants:

– wait until the plant has at least 4-6 main stalks before topping
– use sharp scissors or shears to avoid damaging the plant
– make sure to clean your tools before and after use
– top the plant just above a set of leaves
– water the plant well after topping

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