How to Top Your Cannabis Plants for Maximum Yield

How to Top Your Cannabis Plants for Maximum Yield: A cannabis plant that is not topped will grow a main cola (or central bud) with smaller buds on the sides.

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Topping your cannabis plants is a great way to encourage them to produce more buds and flowers, resulting in a higher overall yield come harvest time. But how do you go about topping your plants? In this article, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to top your cannabis plants for maximum yield.

Here’s what you’ll need:

-Safety goggles
-Sharp scissors or pruning shears
-Gloves (optional)

Step 1: Put on your safety goggles and gloves (if using).

Step 2: Locate the main stalk of the plant that you want to top. You’ll want to make your cut just above a pair of leaves.

Step 3: Using sharp scissors or pruning shears, make a clean cut through the main stalk. You can cut it at an angle if you want, but it’s not necessary.

Step 4: Once you’ve made your initial cut, you can now choose to make additional cuts above other pairs of leaves if you want to further encourage branching and more bud growth. Just repeat Step 3 for each additional cut that you make.

Step 5: When you’re finished topping your plant, remove your safety goggles and gloves and give your plant some extra TLC (water, fertilizer, etc.) to help it recover from the trauma of being topped.

The Benefits of Topping Cannabis Plants

Topping cannabis plants has a variety of benefits that can lead to increased yields. When done correctly, topping can encourage your plants to grow wider, rather than taller. This allows more of the plant to receive sunlight, which is necessary for photosynthesis and growth. Topping also encourages the development of more main stems, rather than side branches. This improves the overall structure of the plant, and allows for better airflow and light penetration. Additionally, topping can help to prevent stretching, or Verticillium wilt, a condition that can cause your plants to become spindly and produce fewer buds.

The Best Time to Top Your Plants

You can top your cannabis plants any time after they’ve grown their first set of true leaves. The ideal time to top them is usually when they’ve grown 2-4 sets of leaves. However, if you want to wait until they’ve grown more leaves, that’s fine too. Just be sure not to wait too long, as the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to train your plants.

How to Top Your Plants

Topping your cannabis plants is a great way to get maximum yield from your crop. When done correctly, topping can result in larger, denser buds and increase the number of flowering sites. Although topping may seem like a simple process, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure that your plants recover well and continue to produce quality buds.

Here are some tips on how to top your cannabis plants for maximum yield:

1. Choose a branch that is healthy and has at least two sets of leaves. The ideal time to top your plant is when it is in the vegetative stage and growing actively.

2. Cut the branch at a 45-degree angle just above a set of leaves. This will help encourage new growth from the cut site.

3. Be sure to remove any leaves that are close to the cut site so that the plant can focus its energy on healing the wound and producing new growth.

4. Allow the cut site to callous over for a few days before watering or applying any nutrients. This will help reduce the risk of infection and promote faster healing.

5. Once the cut site has calloused over, you can resume normal watering and fertilizing schedule


You’ve now reached the end of our guide on how to top your cannabis plants for maximum yield. We hope you’ve found it helpful and informative.

As a recap, here are the main points to remember:

-Topping your plants encourages them to grow wider rather than taller, resulting in a bigger yield.
-It’s best to top your plants when they are young – around 4-6 weeks into the vegetative stage is ideal.
-Topping is a simple process – just cut off the main stem at the desired height.
-You can top your plants multiple times if you want to really encourage growth.

Following these tips should help you get the most out of your cannabis plants and produce a bumper crop come harvest time.

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