Male Cannabis Plants: What Do They Look Like?

Most people are familiar with female cannabis plants, but did you know that there are also male cannabis plants? Keep reading to learn what male cannabis plants look like and why they are important!

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Male cannabis plants are easy to spot, and if you can identify them early, you can remove them from your grow before they have a chance to pollinate your female plants. But what do male cannabis plants look like?

Here are some tips for identifying male cannabis plants:

– Look for small clusters of flowers (or “bananas”) that grow in the nodes (joints) between the leaves and stems. Male flowers are typically smaller and less dense than female flowers.

– Male plants tend to grow taller and thinner than female plants, with larger spaces between the nodes (joints).

– Male plants typically mature faster than female plants, meaning they will begin toflower sooner. This is an important distinction if you are growing cannabis for medical purposes, as the THC content begins to decrease as the plant matures.

If you spot a male plant in your grow, remove it immediately to prevent pollination. Pollinated females will produce seeds, which reduces the quality of the buds and makes THEM less potent.

Male Cannabis Plants

Male cannabis plants are easily identified by their lack of flowers. Male plants also have thinner, more pointed leaves than female plants. Male cannabis plants are generally taller than females and have fewer branches.

What do they look like?

Male cannabis plants look very different from female cannabis plants. they are usually taller with thinner leaves, and they do not produce buds. Male cannabis plants are used to produce hemp fiber and seed, and they are also used in some medical marijuana strains. Most growers prefer to grow female plants, but male plants can be useful in some cases.

How to identify them

Male cannabis plants are easy to spot, and they should be removed from the grow area as soon as possible to prevent them from pollinating the female plants. The males will not produce any buds, and they can actually reduce the yield of the females if they are allowed to stay.

The easiest way to identify male cannabis plants is by looking at the new growth at the tips of the branches. The males will have small pollen sacs that look like balls, while the females will have calyxes that look like teardrops. The pollen sacs will open and release pollen when they mature, so it is important to remove the males before they have a chance to do this.

What to do with them

If you find a male cannabis plant in your grow, the best thing to do is to immediately remove it and throw it away. If you don’t, the males will pollenate the female plants, which will result in seedy buds. Male plants are also generally lower in THC than females, so there’s really no reason to keep them around.


So, now you know what male cannabis plants look like. You also know how to identify them and what to do with them. If you find a male plant in your garden, don’t panic! You can either remove it or let it pollinate your female plants. Either way, you now know how to deal with it.

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