What Does Curing Cannabis Do?

Curing is the process of slowly drying and then storing your cannabis. It allows for the chlorophyll to break down, which leads to a better-tasting final product.

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Curing is the process of allowing newly harvested cannabis to dry slowly, over the course of several weeks, in controlled conditions. The goal of curing is to remove excess moisture from the raw buds while simultaneously preserving as much floral potency and aroma as possible.

While freshly harvested buds may seem smokable, they actually contain a great deal of moisture which can greatly affect both the taste and potency of your final product. Curing allows this moisture to evaporate gradually, resulting in smoother, better tasting cannabis.

Curing also allows the slow degradation of chlorophyll, which can give your buds a harsh, “grassy” flavor. By hanging your buds to cure, you allow these unwanted flavors to dissipate while simultaneously deepening and improving the taste of your final product.

What is Curing?

Curing is a process of drying and storing marijuana flowers or “buds”. By properly curing your bud, you increase its potency, taste, and smell. In addition, you also prevent the growth of mold and other pests.

The Process of Curing

Curing is the process of aging cannabis after it has been harvested and dried. During curing, the chlorophyll in the plant material breaks down, and the plant’s sugar content decreases. This results in a final product that is less harsh-tasting and more fragrant.

Curing also affects the potency of cannabis. While THC levels do not increase during curing, the process does convert some inactive THC-acids into active THC. This makes the final product more potent than it would be if it were not cured.

To cure cannabis, growers will place their dried and trimmed buds into airtight containers filled with fresh, oxygenated air. The containers are then stored in a cool, dark place for several weeks to allow the curing process to occur.

The Benefits of Curing

Curing is the process of allowing your cannabis to dry slowly and evenly, while allowing it to “breathe.” This helps to improve both the quality and taste of your finished product.

When done properly, curing will help to preserve your cannabis for a longer period of time. It also helps to reduce the risk of mold or other pathogens growing on your buds.

Curing also allows for the slow release of moisture from your buds, which helps to improve their flavor and aroma. In addition, curing helps to increase the potency of your cannabis by allowing for better absorption of cannabinoids and terpenes.

There are a number of different ways to cure cannabis, but the most common method is to simply hang your buds in a cool, dark room with good ventilation. You will need to check on your buds regularly and rotate them frequently to ensure that they are drying evenly.

Once your buds have dried completely, you can then move them into jars or other containers for storage. Be sure to label your jars with the date and strain name so that you can keep track of when they were cured.

How to Cure Cannabis

The process of curing cannabis is important in order to achieve the best possible quality. It is during this curing process that the various cannabinoids and terpenes present in the cannabis plant have time to interact and produce the desired effects. Without proper curing, the THC content will be lower and the taste will be less than optimal.


Drying is the process of removing water from the buds to prepare them for storage. Properly dried cannabis should snap, not bend when you try to break it. Dried too long, it will become brittle and may powder in your fingers. Dried too little, it will be limp and won’t burn well. If you’re growing for personal use, hang your buds upside down in a cool, dark place with good airflow for about a week. If you plan to sell your cannabis, dry it slowly over two weeks or more by hanging it upside down in a humidity-controlled space.


All cannabis buds, regardless of strain, need to go through a process called curing before they’re ready for consumption. Curing is the process of slowly drying the buds while allowing them to “breathe.”

The purpose of curing is twofold: first, it allows the chlorophyll in the plant to break down, which gives the bud a much better taste. Second, it alters the THC and CBD levels in such a way that makes them more effective when ingested. When done correctly, curing can make weed taste sweeter and smoother while also increasing its medicinal properties.


Curing is a process of drying and storing marijuana buds that allows them to develop better flavor, smell, and potency. The process of curing helps to improve the overall quality of your buds and ensure that they are properly preserved for long-term storage.

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to curing cannabis, the general goal is to slowly dry your buds over the course of several weeks while minimizing exposure to light and heat. This slow drying process allows the plant to evenly distribute its moisture content, which prevents your buds from becoming too dry or too moist.

Once your buds have been properly cured, they can be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark place for many months. Cured buds will typically retain their quality for at least six months, but some strains can remain potent for much longer.

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