What Happens to Male Cannabis Plants After They Pollinate the Females?

Male cannabis plants are killed after they pollinate the females. Learn more about the process and how it affects the final product.

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Male Cannabis Plants

Male cannabis plants are usually removed from the grow room as soon as they are identified. This is because they can pollinate the female plants, which will result in the female plants producing seeds instead of buds. However, some growers choose to keep the male plants and use them to produce pollen.

What are Male Cannabis Plants?

Male cannabis plants are typically unwanted by growers because they do not produce the iconic resinous buds that are rich in psychoactive cannabinoids like THC. Male plants are however, essential for breeding new generations of cannabis and for creating seedless (sinsemilla) cannabis flowers.

So what exactly are male cannabis plants? Male cannabis plants develop pollen sacs that look like small balls or bananas. These sacs will open and release pollen when the plant is mature. If this pollen comes into contact with a female flower, the flower will be fertilized and will produce seeds.

Most growers do not want their female plants to be fertilized because it significantly reduces the quality of the final product. Female buds that have been fertilized by a male plant will contain fewer trichomes (THC-rich resin glands) and will be less potent. In addition, fertilized flowers are often Less aromatic and have a harsher taste than unfertilized ones.

For these reasons, most growers choose to remove male plants as soon as they can identify them. This is usually done when the males are still young, before they have a chance to release their pollen.

What do Male Cannabis Plants do?

Cannabis is an adaptable plant that can be grown in many climate conditions. It is an annual plant, meaning it completes its life cycle (germination, growth, reproduction, and death) in one year or growing season.

Cannabis is what botanists call a dioecious plant, meaning it produces male and female flowers on separate plants. Male plants are needed to pollinate female plants so that the females can produce seeds. However, once the males have fulfilled their purpose of pollination, they are no longer needed.

So what happens to all those male cannabis plants? Read on to find out the different ways growers deal with extra males.

After They Pollinate the Females

Male cannabis plants are typically removed from the grow room as soon as they are discovered. This is because they can pollinate the female plants, which will result in the buds being seeded. The males are not removed until they have released their pollen, which can take up to two weeks. Once the males are removed, the female plants will continue to produce buds without seeds.

What Happens to Male Cannabis Plants After They Pollinate the Females?

After the male cannabis plants have completed their job of pollinating the female plants, they are no longer needed and are usually removed from the grow room. While it is possible to keep them around and let them die a natural death, this is not recommended as they can release pollen for several weeks after they have died, which can contaminate your grow room and ruin your crop. Male plants are also more susceptible to mold and pests than female plants, so it is best to get rid of them as soon as possible.

What is the Purpose of Male Cannabis Plants?

The purpose of male cannabis plants is to pollinate the female plants. This process is known as fertilization, and it results in the creation of seeds. Male cannabis plants produce pollen, which is transferred to the female plant during pollination. The female plant then uses this pollen to create seeds, which can be used to grow new cannabis plants.

So, while male cannabis plants are not necessary for the creation of new plants, they do play an important role in the reproduction process. Without male cannabis plants, there would be no seeds, and without seeds, there would be no new cannabis plants.

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