What If God Smoked Cannabis? The Lyrics

What if God smoked cannabis? The lyrics to this popular song explore the possibility of a higher power enjoying a joint.

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In the song, “What If God Smoked Cannabis?”, the narrator asks a series of questions about what would happen if God smoked cannabis. The questions are meant to be provocative and to make the listener think about the role of cannabis in society.

The lyrics ask what would happen if God smoked cannabis, if Jesus was born in India, if Mary was a hippie, if Noah got high on the ark, if Moses had a joint in his hand, and if the Ten Commandments were written on a hash brownie.

The song is meant to be humorous, but it also raises serious questions about the place of cannabis in religion and society.

The Lyrics

Verse 1

What if God smoked cannabis?

Would he get the munchies and raid the fridge?

Would he giggle at shared jokes and laugh until he cried?

Or would he get angry and frustrated like so many of us do?

What if God smoked cannabis?

Would he be more interested in hugs than handshakes?

Would he be more concerned with love than with hate?

Or would he just be another pothead sitting on the couch all day?

What if God smoked cannabis?

Would he be able to cure cancer with a touch of his hand?

Would he be able to end wars with a word of his mouth?
Or would he just be another stoner trying to find the perfect joint?

Verse 2

I was chillin’ in my underground lair
Just thinkin’ ’bout the world up there
And all the weird, messed up stuff goin’ down
When I heard a knock at my door
So I put down my bong and I got up to see
And who should be standing there but me
In a robe and sandals, kinda like a Preacher Man
And he said “Hey man, what’s your beef?
Why you sittin’ down here all alone?
Don’t you know there’s a party goin’ on?
Upstairs, and it started ’bout an hour ago”

Verse 3

And what if God smoked cannabis?
What if Christ was a hippie?
And what if the Holy Ghost
Was the Holy Smoke that drifted
Into the hearts and minds
Of those who sought him?
And what if Eve offered Adam
A toke instead of an apple?
And what if, instead of Cain and Abel,
There were just roach clips left behind?

Verse 4

I was chillin’ on a cloud
Smokin’ with my buddies
When suddenly I heard a shout
“What if God smoked cannabis?”

I said “What the hell you talkin’ ’bout?”
He said “Just think about it”
I said “Nah man, that’s too wild”
He said “You’re just too scared to try it”

I thought about it for a second
Then I started to smile
Cause I knew he was right
And if God smoked cannabis
It would be alright

Verse 5

God said Sunday’s for relaxing
You can stay in bed till noon
I don’t mind if you’re not praying
Just don’t smoke in my room

What if God smoked cannabis?
Would he roll up a joint and take a hit?
Or would he prefer edibles?
Maybe he would just stick to the plant itself

God said I created this world for you to enjoy
So go out and explore it
But be careful not to destroy it
With your greed and your lust

Verse 6

Now if God was down here smokin’ with us
Would he be blazin’ up the finest Kush?
Or would he be sippin’ on some fire OG?
Tell me what you think he would say

If God was chillin’ like some of us do
We would probably ask him a thing or two
Like why we’re here and what we’re supposed to do
And if he had the answers we would listen real good

Verse 7

And what if God smoked cannabis?
What if Mary was a stoner?
What if the holy trinity
Was the father, the son, and the holy spirit reefer?

What if the lion laid down with the lamb?
What if everybody got along?
What if we all just smoked a big joint
And passed it around?


In conclusion, it is evident that if God smoked cannabis, the world would be a very different place. There would be no wars, no hate, and we would all be able to live in peace and harmony. With that being said, it is important to note that this is just a hypothetical situation and we cannot know for sure what would happen if God did smoke cannabis. However, it is clear that the world would be a much better place if He did.

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