What Is Cannabis Sauce?

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of cannabis sauce. But what is it, exactly? Cannabis sauce is a type of cannabis concentrate that is made by combining cannabis extract with a carrier oil.

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Cannabis sauce, also known as cannabutter, is a type of butter or sauce made with cannabis-infused butter. It is a popular ingredient in many edibles and can be used in a variety of dishes.

Cannabis sauce is made by infusing butter or oil with cannabis. The infusion process Extracts the THC and other cannabinoids from the plant material and infuses them into the butter or oil. This gives the finished product a potent concentration of THC.

Cannabis sauce can be used in many different recipes, both sweet and savory. It can be used to make cookies, cakes, brownies, and other desserts. It can also be used to make savory dishes like pasta sauces, soups, and stews.

Cannabis sauce can be made at home using cannabutter or cannabis-infused oils. These products are available for purchase online or at some dispensaries.

What is cannabis sauce?

Cannabis sauce is a type of sauce made with cannabis. It is typically made with cannabutter or cannabis-infused olive oil. Cannabis sauce can be used to make a variety of dishes, such as pasta, chicken, or fish.


Cannabis sauce, or simply canna sauce, is a type of condiment or dressing made with cannabis-infused olive oil as a key ingredient. It is used in the same way as other sauces, such as ketchup or BBQ sauce, to enhance the flavor of food.

The history of canna sauce is unclear, but it is thought to have originated in Italy. It is also widely used in Spanish and Portuguese cuisine. In recent years, it has become popular in the United States among cannabis enthusiasts.

Cannabis-infused olive oil can be made at home using a variety of methods. The most important thing to remember when making canna sauce is to use high-quality olive oil, as the flavor of the oil will be very pronounced in the final product. Once you have your oil, simply add it to your favorite recipe for canna sauce.

Cannabis sauce can be used on a variety of different foods, including pasta, pizza, sandwiches, and salads. It can also be used as a dipping sauce for bread or vegetables. However you choose to use it, enjoy your homemade canna sauce!

How it’s made

Cannabis sauce is a sauce made with cannabis as an herbal ingredient. While the concept of a cannabis-infused sauce may be new to some, it is actually a very old tradition. In fact, cannabis has been used in sauces and other food preparations for centuries.

The process of making cannabis sauce is similar to that of making any other type of sauce. First, the desired herbs are chopped and simmered in a liquid (usually water, oil, or vinegar) until they are soft and have infused the liquid with their flavor. Then, the herbs are strained out and the flavored liquid is used as a base for the sauce.

Cannabis-infused sauces can be used in any dish in place of regular sauces or condiments. They can add an extra boost of flavor to soups, salads, main courses, and even desserts. Cannabis sauces can also be used medicinally to treat a variety of conditions.


Cannabis sauce is a type of hot sauce or chili oil that is infused with cannabis. It can be used as a condiment, or as an ingredient in recipes. Cannabis sauce can be used to add flavor and potency to any dish, and can be made with either fresh or dried herbs.


Cannabis sauce is a type of sauce made with cannabis as an ingredient. It is typically used as a condiment or as a cooking ingredient. Cannabis sauce can be made with either fresh or dried cannabis leaves, flowers, or buds. The sauce can also be made with cannabutter, hash oil, or tincture.

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