When Does Cannabis Flowering Begin Outdoors?

The blossoming stage of a cannabis plant The majority of strains blossom around 8-9 weeks, but some, particularly sativas, might take much longer. When the plant gets less light each day as summer transitions into autumn, blooming happens spontaneously.

Similarly, What month do outdoor plants start flowering?

As the light cycle shifts from July to September, your plants will naturally transition from vegging to blooming. The days are gradually becoming shorter after the summer solstice, so anticipate to witness the start of the bloom phase. It’s critical to safeguard your outside crops from rodents and pests throughout the blossoming period.

Also, it is asked, When should I start blooming nutrients outdoors?

You should start giving Bloom fertilizer to your plants a week after the transition. Outdoors, plants usually start flowering a few weeks after the summer solstice (June 20), as the days become shorter. The appearance of blooms is an indication that it’s time to switch to Bloom fertilizer.


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